About the Author

Rod Tritton

I am a botanist, horticulturist and arborist by trade and consult on and look after trees for a living. I have three gorgeous boys and a gorgeous wife to bless my life. I am a musician, carpenter, adventurer and author in my spare time.

I was born with a curiosity about everything and my quest for truth has led me to many interesting discoveries that are not openly acknowledged or discussed.

My exploration of these mysteries has uncovered a distinct lack of credible answers and this has led to a compulsion to write about them and share what I have learned. I have spent many years trying to make sense of all the conflicting viewpoints and varied interpretations of the ‘evidence’. I have a number of theories I think are very logical and I cannot believe that everyone else does not see what I see.

By writing down the arguments, I have been able to work through the research and apply my common sense. You may not agree with my conclusions, but they will certainly get you wondering about what’s going on around you.

For too long we have been fed stories about what is and what isn’t the case, and too many times the official story is wrong. Veils of secrecy cover manipulations and controls that we must all be aware of in order to be free from their influence. With the outpouring of truth that is happening at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, it is time to start some serious consideration of an alternative history of humanity to the one our school books tell us. It is a tragedy that so much of what we learned and what we teach our children, has been found to be wrong.

Ultimately, whatever the official or unofficial story about the facts of the matter, my objective is to get as close as I can to the truth of exactly what happened, or is happening, or will happen, in every moment. I would like to help others to do the same for themselves so that we can all base our decisions for our future on reality and not on propaganda.

I would love to hear your personal experience, or any feedback you have about these and other mysteries. I am inspired to see how people are waking up on their individual journeys during the present consciousness revolution. Email me on Rod @ exploringmystery . com

Awareness, growth, evolution, adaptation and learning are all the same thing really… and we are all doing it as we become more conscious…  of everything around us…

Roll on the Consciousness Revolution

Bon Voyage