Watch out for hoaxes, and confirmation bias.

Finding the balance between gullible and closed-minded is walking a fine line, set with many pitfalls. The Net is awash with information on absolutely anything you wish to hear. And the more you want to hear it, the more you will find it. It is human to seek out confirmation, as a form of acceptance, to give ourselves the figurative pat on the back that, as children, we yearned for from our mothers, to confirm that we are ‘okay’ and that we ‘belong’. We are naturally biased towards people who agree with us, so it is easy and very natural to fall into the trap of ‘confirmation bias’. So when the Net pops out the very thoughts that we were thinking, it does not make what we think right, or even on the right track.

During my many hours of surfing the Net I have found that, on average, for most subjects searched, only one in ten websites are worth quoting. In my layperson’s opinion, only one in ten website owners have enough of a grasp of what is going on around us in our world for me to be able to make any sense out of what they have to say. Nine out of ten website authors I have found on any search into unexplained mysteries do not seem to have the information that I have found, and, therefore, from my perspective, do not display a cogent understanding of the subject. Now I realize that with my experience I have a preconceived idea of reality, so I have to be extremely careful to keep an open mind and not allow these ideas to cloud my vision and influence my belief.

On average, out of every ten websites searched on the subject of unexplained mysteries: a few of them are making money from searches of the keywords and gullible spenders; a few of them are proclaiming the truth but trying to fool people with hoaxes; a few of them must be plain stupid to say what they say; a few are too trusting and are simply innocently misled and now honestly believe the establishment fable; and a few out of the ten are funded to actively promote the establishment viewpoint as consensus. The subject of Global Warming is a classic example. You can find every opinion and every angle represented on the Net. So certainly we must be careful of being gullible and falling for hoaxes, but we must also guard against only reading or believing websites that confirm our preconceived opinion. To get the most out of the information that is out there we must be open to everything, yet discerning enough not to waste our time with irrelevancies. A rational researcher will not suffer from gullibility or confirmation bias, and over the years of my enquiry I have endeavoured to retain a rational interest in the how’s and why’s of everything. This is how I have formed my ‘out there’ world view that I espouse in Exploring Mystery. And I am open-minded enough to change my mind whenever I hear a more convincing argument.



The Elongated Skulls Mystery – Does Earth belong to the Cone-heads?

People who know more about anatomy than I do, have said that the many elongated skulls which have been found around the world, are clearly not the results of genetic defects (inherited abnormalities), congenital deformation (birth defects), or inflicted deformity (cranial binding).

elongated cone-head skullThis seems obvious when you consider that the volume of some of these skulls has been found to be twice that of a normal human skull. These elongated skulls are not human by any stretch of the imagination; brain capacity cannot double in that many individuals unless it is a genotype, in other words, a genetic lineage that breeds true. A DNA test should be definitive, as long as we can trust the laboratory to be independent and allow full access to their research.

A certain amount of caution is required during this period before ‘disclosure’, where the official position of ‘science’ is that “there are no such things as aliens”. There is a network of paid propagandists for the powers-that-be who promote this position, and this seven-decade-long effort, since ‘The Battle of Los Angeles’ in 1942, has been called the UFO Cover-up. The reason for this cover-up is to be able to secretly reap the rewards of their liaison with a species of grey who are giving them ‘alien technology’ in return for permission to man an underground base and to continue their experimentation on humanity unhindered. It is in the interests of the powers-that-be to deny the existence of aliens to keep their income stream from this source going for as long as possible. Part of this denial programme is the burial in vaults underground, never to see the light of day, of all the evidence of giants and non-human skulls that they can lay their hands on, and they have a budget of trillions. The powers-that-be buy up every crashed UFO as fast as possible and secret it away for ‘reverse engineering’. Not only do they remove all the evidence under total secrecy, they institute a programme to make people believe that it never happened, and that the people who do believe that it did happen are crackpots.

There is no fossil record of giants nor of elongated skulls having evolved on Earth, so it is more than likely that they are both extraterrestrial. There is an outside chance that a previous civilisation of humans bred giants and elongated skull individuals and that all the evidence of gigantic humanoids and oddly-shaped skulls that has been found around the world is a remnant of a genetic engineering experiment in evolution that died out when David slew Goliath. Whether these oddities are terrestrial or extraterrestrial is certainly one of the first questions to be asked, so by removing the evidence, the powers-that-be hope to avoid embarrassing questions about aliens, UFOs, free-energy, and where they receive their technology.

The UFO Cover-up is, to my mind, the reason that more giant bones and elongated skulls have not surfaced in science, complete with DNA analysis: because it would be found that they are not human. The powers-that-be would have difficulty upholding the lie that aliens do not exist and that we have had no contact with extraterrestrials when humanoid DNA, that is alien to human DNA, is discovered on our planet already. Part of the UFO Cover-up is to discredit all ‘alien research’ and ‘character assassinate’ the researchers. In fact Paul Vigay was a UFO and crop circle researcher who, I believe, was literally assassinated by the powers-that-be because he would not co-operate.

Elongated skulls have been found in countries around the world from as far afield as Egypt, Iraq, Indonesia and South America, indicating that they belonged to a world-wide civilization that could have had something to do with the building of the megalithic monuments in these countries. So many elongated skulls have been found in Peru, famous for the ‘cyclopean’ stonework at Machu Piccu and Sacsayhuaman, that they cannot all be concealed, and many have found their way into museums. Apparently the final resting place of this particular red-headed cone-head, pictured above, is in the Paracas Museum in Peru.

elongated cone-head skullThese elongated skulls are clearly not human. The jawbones are markedly larger and heavier, are shaped differently, and have different muscle attachment protrusions to a normal human jawbone. These skulls must clearly have had a different evolutionary line to that of humans; they cannot belong to the same genotype. It seems, without a fossil record of the evolutionary progression of this species of humanoid on Earth, that these skulls are alien to Earth.


The Egyptian god Ptah


Many graphics carved on Egyptian temple walls depict so-called gods wearing elaborate headdresses. Having seen many examples of these conical headdresses it was easy to connect the dots between the carvings and the elongated skulls, because the shape is almost identical. And, therefore, because we have the historical and the archaeological evidence, it is very likely that the Egyptian pantheon of gods were flesh-and-blood humanoids with cone-heads.

The particular god with his distinctive conical headdress, in this drawing of an Egyptian temple carving, is holding an ovoid-headed ‘ankh’ and a pterodactyl-headed ‘was rod’. Both of these symbols have a long history of interpretation and misinterpretation. I have my own interpretation that I have explained in Exploring Mystery, and I include the following graphic from page 29 to show these Egyptian symbols, their traditional interpretation and my own interpretation.

was rod ankh and tyet symbol

An explanatation of these glyphs suggests that off-planet beings tamed dinosaurs on Earth at least 60 million years ago. Perhaps this and the many anomalous artefacts, often called ‘ooparts’, that have surfaced that are up to 500 million years old, might one day be seen as evidence for the interpretation that a race of star visitors have been visiting Earth for millions of years, before, during, and after the age of the dinosaurs. The particular race of humanoids with elongated skulls could be hundreds of millions of years old. Our race of earthling humans has only been on Earth for about a quarter of one million years.

And so, the questions remain: Who were this race of cone-heads, where did they come from, are they still watching us, and are they doing so with care or with disdain? Perhaps, it is now through the elite controllers, that these so-called gods continue to callously exploit the resources of Earth, including humans, for their own benefit.

Information about free energy and alien technology cannot be kept hidden forever and soon some credible DNA testing laboratory will produce some results that will rock our world. It might even be a hair sample from this Peruvian skull that will let the cat out of the ‘disclosure’ bag and prove to ‘science’ once and for all that aliens do exist. And perhaps this race of cone-heads have been visiting our planet for longer than humans, or even dinosaurs, have existed on Earth. And, if it came to an argument, that makes this planet more likely to be theirs than ours. Perhaps Earth does belong to the Cone-heads.


South African Stonehenge

11.11.11 saw 22 of us perched on the side of an escarpment in eastern South Africa at a sacred site, erroneously called Adams Calendar, in meditation for the 22 minutes from 11 minutes to 11 until 11 minutes past 11.

The two central marker stones of this megalithic monument trace the daily increment of the shadow of the sun as it traverses the skies over the course of a year from solstice to solstice and back again. The cardinal points are marked with carefully placed stones and, as if that wasn’t proof enough that these upright stones are not naturally occurring, the site is situated on the 31st parallel, the so-called Nilotic Meridian, on which lie the pyramids of Giza and the Great Zimbabwe ruins.

Credo Mutwa says that he was initiated as a shaman here in 1936 and he tells us that legend has it that there is a river of gold beneath it. (Sheba Mine, one of the richest gold mines in the world is situated not far from here).

So, what is an astronomical clock doing on the edge of this spectacular escarpment? The obvious answer is: To tell the time. This calendar can, very effectively, tell the exact date of the solstices, and these are essential markers in the annual seasonal changes during a year.

Adams Calendar looking east over the central marker stones. 
Fly to: 25 37’45 S;  30 45’35 E
But, this is in a land where history tells us that no civilisation existed proir to our present so-called civilisation. The natives in this area were apparently primitive pastoralists and hunter-gatherers, and fairly recent immigrants to the area themselves, before the white man came bringing with him his idea of civilisation in the form of clergy, weaponry, machinery and slavery.
Sumerian texts tell us that Enki (the Anunnaki science god) had his abode in the south, in the Abzu, where it was hot as hell and where he oversaw the gold mining operation. This sounds very much like southern Africa. Researchers have associated the multitude of stone circles found in southern Africa with this ancient gold mining civilisation, possibly over 400 000 years old. So, Adams Calendar should more correctly be called Enki’s calendar, because it would more likely have been Enki than Adam who built this timepiece. It was only discovered in 2003 and, in fact, not knowing who built it, it should possibly not be called after anyone, but simply the South African Stonehenge.
Researcher and discoverer Johan Heine continues to take measurements at different times of the year to discover more about the site. Perhaps there are extant Sumerian texts that have yet to be translated that will confirm this hypothesis, but so far, it seems that this could be one of the oldest structures on Earth, possibly even as old as The Grand Terrace of Baalbeck in Lebanon, said to be a rocket launch site built 400 000 years ago!
More research necessary!!!

Christmas presents chemtrails in SA

Happy holidaze?
The Christmas holidays are when office-bound people go to the beach to soak up some well-deserved sunshine. And yet this season,  southern Cape coast beach-goers were presented with a chemtrail sprayed from an aeroplane all along the Cape south coast on Saturday the 23rd of December. For three hours whilst driving east along the N2 towards Knysna, I took photographs of a chemtrail that slowly turned into an unnoticable cloud.  Contrails (vapour trails from jet engines) dissipate within a few minutes, chemtrails (planes spraying chemical poisons found to include aluminium, barium and ethylene dibromide) last for hours and then disperse to remain in the sky as a haze until the particulate matter eventually falls to the ground. Chemtrails are a secretive population control/weather modification project that sprays poisons over cities around the world. Clifford Carnicom seems to have done the most research on this. ( )
Now I have proof that they are doing this in SA as well. For the first 10 years of this phenomenon, (beginning in about 1998) the US govt denied it and the EPA refused to research complaints. Now they are saying that chemtrails are to ameliorate global warming. This is one scam on top of another scam. Fluctuations in CMEs of the sun is what causes Earth to warm or cool. (CO2 has little or no effect on global temperatures) (and anyway CO2 is a nutrient not a pollutant). We are being lied to about our environment by greedy people to profiteer from carbon trading, carbon taxes, nuclear power and CFL lightbulbs, and now about chemtrails as an environmental amelioration measure. It is more likely that chemtrails, apart from serving the Illuminati agenda of depopulation (see Morgellons Disease and aluminium toxicity of the soil), are to increase atmospheric conductivity for the more effective spreading of global mind-control signals.
I hear the cry: “Why would they do that?” It is because they can, and they want to control the world so they are doing everything they can to do so. The people of this planet are being systematically poisoned by a controlling elite by many means. (cf. flouride, aspartame, GMOs, pesticides, food additives, nuclear power, and, in fact, the entire sickness industry masquerading as the health-care industry who are looking for sales not cures).   (See The Georgia Guidestones for an insight into their agenda.)

Only by knowing about the controls can we do anything about them. Find out for yourself about this phenomenon of chemtrails and how to avoid the effects. Start asking questions about who these heartless people are that are intentionally poisoning the people of the Earth and how we can stop this atrocity.

chemtrail over cape south coast of SA 1





Taken at 13h20 on 23.12.2011 near Riversdale

chemtrail over cape south coast 2

The same chemtrail, taken at 15h50 on 23.12.2011 near George, starting to look like a cloud.All those on holiday on the Cape south coast received a Christmas present from the powers-that-be this year: we were all aerially vaccinated with a dose of poison. And undertaken in secrecy, without our permission, means that this is a conspiracy.
I pray that humanity wakes up before we are so dumbed down that we cannot. We must expose this rot before we rot with it. The future of humanity lies in our hands and our open and enquiring minds to guide them to counteract this, and other population control programmes.

The path of truth is littered with obstacles placed by our controllers so look beyond the lies without getting suckered by debunking officials.
The truth is eventually revealed, and by keeping an open mind we are a part of the solution. Chemtrails are not for our benefit.
Be aware people!

Skipper’s Evidence

Joseph Skipper is an active and vociferous Mars researcher. He has reported on evidence from the Hale crater on Mars, showing distinct patterning reminiscent of civilisation. (I included this in my chapter on Life on Mars.)

His latest contribution to the field is an article (#208) entitled Mars Track System and Water, on his website at   This is clear evidence of a track system (civilisation) and of water (not too dry or too cold for water to remain liquid) on Mars.

Skipper ends his article by warning us that we must be aware of the information we hear about Mars because it could be fiddled with from Earth’s side and from the Martian side. He says that we should not necessarily believe what we are told: that the temperatures are too low and it is too dry on Mars to support life. He says that all the images that come to us from Mars have beeen doctored in some way.  He says, in the above article, of the photograph below: “in my opinion, both the brownish color field on the left and the gold color field on the right are heavily obfuscated with smudge image tampering layered in with the false color.”

Click on the image to enlarge. Click Back to return.
I have known that NASA tamper with the images they release ever since I read The Mars Mystery, by Hancock, Bauval and Grigsby, in 1998. I have read much evidence for the Face on Mars being an artificial, or constructed, feature. I believe that there was a civilisation on Mars that built many features including The Face, and, of course, if you’ve read my book, you will know that I believe that there is ample evidence for giant sandworms on Mars, at some time in the Red planet’s ancient history.

Skipper’s evidence of tracks and water mean that, contrary to the official position, it is quite likely that Mars does have an atmosphere and that it is still inhabited today.

What are the powers-that-be trying to hide? Is it simply because they want us to believe that aliens do not exist so that they can continue to exploit us by selling us alien technology?