Secrets and Lies

UFO Conference – Johannesburg Nov 2011

The November 2011 UFO Science and Consciousness Conference in Johannesburg was a momentous occasion. A posse of experts in their field including big names like Alfred Webre, David Hudson, Wayne Herschell, Lloyd Pye and some highly contentious people like Laura Eisenhower and Kerry Cassidy, enthralled us with their version of ‘The Truth’.

It was put together by South African entertainer turned amateur archaeologist Michael Tellinger, who wrote Slave Species of god, published in 2005. Since then he has been on the trail of the so-called Adams Calendar and the related stone circles all over southern Africa. He delivered a powerful presentation, as did expert after expert on the subjects of alternative research and esoterica generally. Continue reading

Christmas presents chemtrails in SA

Happy holidaze?
The Christmas holidays are when office-bound people go to the beach to soak up some well-deserved sunshine. And yet this season,  southern Cape coast beach-goers were presented with a chemtrail sprayed from an aeroplane all along the Cape south coast on Saturday the 23rd of December. For three hours whilst driving east along the N2 towards Knysna, I took photographs of a chemtrail that slowly turned into an unnoticable cloud.  Contrails (vapour trails from jet engines) dissipate within a few minutes, chemtrails (planes spraying chemical poisons found to include aluminium, barium and ethylene dibromide) last for hours and then disperse to remain in the sky as a haze until the particulate matter eventually falls to the ground. Chemtrails are a secretive population control/weather modification project that sprays poisons over cities around the world. Clifford Carnicom seems to have done the most research on this. ( )
Now I have proof that they are doing this in SA as well. For the first 10 years of this phenomenon, (beginning in about 1998) the US govt denied it and the EPA refused to research complaints. Now they are saying that chemtrails are to ameliorate global warming. This is one scam on top of another scam. Fluctuations in CMEs of the sun is what causes Earth to warm or cool. (CO2 has little or no effect on global temperatures) (and anyway CO2 is a nutrient not a pollutant). We are being lied to about our environment by greedy people to profiteer from carbon trading, carbon taxes, nuclear power and CFL lightbulbs, and now about chemtrails as an environmental amelioration measure. It is more likely that chemtrails, apart from serving the Illuminati agenda of depopulation (see Morgellons Disease and aluminium toxicity of the soil), are to increase atmospheric conductivity for the more effective spreading of global mind-control signals.
I hear the cry: “Why would they do that?” It is because they can, and they want to control the world so they are doing everything they can to do so. The people of this planet are being systematically poisoned by a controlling elite by many means. (cf. flouride, aspartame, GMOs, pesticides, food additives, nuclear power, and, in fact, the entire sickness industry masquerading as the health-care industry who are looking for sales not cures).   (See The Georgia Guidestones for an insight into their agenda.)

Only by knowing about the controls can we do anything about them. Find out for yourself about this phenomenon of chemtrails and how to avoid the effects. Start asking questions about who these heartless people are that are intentionally poisoning the people of the Earth and how we can stop this atrocity.

chemtrail over cape south coast of SA 1





Taken at 13h20 on 23.12.2011 near Riversdale

chemtrail over cape south coast 2

The same chemtrail, taken at 15h50 on 23.12.2011 near George, starting to look like a cloud.All those on holiday on the Cape south coast received a Christmas present from the powers-that-be this year: we were all aerially vaccinated with a dose of poison. And undertaken in secrecy, without our permission, means that this is a conspiracy.
I pray that humanity wakes up before we are so dumbed down that we cannot. We must expose this rot before we rot with it. The future of humanity lies in our hands and our open and enquiring minds to guide them to counteract this, and other population control programmes.

The path of truth is littered with obstacles placed by our controllers so look beyond the lies without getting suckered by debunking officials.
The truth is eventually revealed, and by keeping an open mind we are a part of the solution. Chemtrails are not for our benefit.
Be aware people!