Life on Mars

Evidence of life on Mars

Skipper’s Evidence

Joseph Skipper is an active and vociferous Mars researcher. He has reported on evidence from the Hale crater on Mars, showing distinct patterning reminiscent of civilisation. (I included this in my chapter on Life on Mars.)

His latest contribution to the field is an article (#208) entitled Mars Track System and Water, on his website at   This is clear evidence of a track system (civilisation) and of water (not too dry or too cold for water to remain liquid) on Mars.

Skipper ends his article by warning us that we must be aware of the information we hear about Mars because it could be fiddled with from Earth’s side and from the Martian side. He says that we should not necessarily believe what we are told: that the temperatures are too low and it is too dry on Mars to support life. He says that all the images that come to us from Mars have beeen doctored in some way.  He says, in the above article, of the photograph below: “in my opinion, both the brownish color field on the left and the gold color field on the right are heavily obfuscated with smudge image tampering layered in with the false color.”

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I have known that NASA tamper with the images they release ever since I read The Mars Mystery, by Hancock, Bauval and Grigsby, in 1998. I have read much evidence for the Face on Mars being an artificial, or constructed, feature. I believe that there was a civilisation on Mars that built many features including The Face, and, of course, if you’ve read my book, you will know that I believe that there is ample evidence for giant sandworms on Mars, at some time in the Red planet’s ancient history.

Skipper’s evidence of tracks and water mean that, contrary to the official position, it is quite likely that Mars does have an atmosphere and that it is still inhabited today.

What are the powers-that-be trying to hide? Is it simply because they want us to believe that aliens do not exist so that they can continue to exploit us by selling us alien technology?