UFO Conference – Johannesburg Nov 2011

The November 2011 UFO Science and Consciousness Conference in Johannesburg was a momentous occasion. A posse of experts in their field including big names like Alfred Webre, David Hudson, Wayne Herschell, Lloyd Pye and some highly contentious people like Laura Eisenhower and Kerry Cassidy, enthralled us with their version of ‘The Truth’.

It was put together by South African entertainer turned amateur archaeologist Michael Tellinger, who wrote Slave Species of god, published in 2005. Since then he has been on the trail of the so-called Adams Calendar and the related stone circles all over southern Africa. He delivered a powerful presentation, as did expert after expert on the subjects of alternative research and esoterica generally. Hard science was delivered, mixed in with wild speculation, all in the name of finding out what is going on around us. It was fascinating hearing these very believable perspectives from obviously intelligent researchers in their fields. I have been to two Glastonbury Symposia and I have heard much esoterica being sprouted by many respected alternative researchers in the fields of UFOology, archaeoastronomy, crop circles and the hidden agendas of our elite controllers, amongst many others. And there is a cohesive story beginning to take shape here. It is information that is starting to leak out. Information so startling that people are having difficulty integrating it. Many people still believe the propaganda, sprouted by many, including Carl Sagan, that little green men are a figment of imagination and that there is no such thing as ‘aliens’. Clearly there are many researchers involved with the UFO and alien phenomenon, and a huge body of literature attesting to an alien presence on Earth. Why would thousands and thousands of people all be lying? And how could their stories all hang together if they were?

Attendees of the UFO conference want to start going further and deeper into the phenomenon and listen to the experiences and information that contactees and researchers share. It is fascinating. If only the general public would open up to the possibility that these researchers are telling the truth, they would see that this information is not threatening, it is liberating.

“The Press” (in a very unevolved, juvenile and mocking way) accused Laura Eisenhower of being insane because she said she had a boyfriend who tried to recruit her to a team to be teleported to Mars. Now, out of context, and not having had any introduction to the reality of ‘Life on Mars’, then the idea of human bases on Mars can be ludicrous, and teleportation there even more so. If you had read my book, however, then you would not be quite so taken aback at this information. Having had my head buried in Google Mars for months, and having read about the secret space programme, I would not be surprised if stargate technology was not embedded into our culture already through the films that we see. In fact Jay Weidner has exposed Stanley Kubrick completely in his film Kubrick’s Oddyssey, based on Kubricks filming of the Apollo moon landings on Earth while he was filming for 2001 -Space Oddyssey.  So I am competely comfortable with Laura’s story and am ready to take this information further.

Of course, so many speakers so hot on each other’s heels created such a barrage of information and copious scribbled notes that it was concepts more than facts that remain in my head. And of course, as with any conference, much of the reason to go is to mingle with like-minds. The people there are the sort of open-minded people with whom I like to mix. I am interested in hearing about their experience and their opinion on people and information. Networking is a big part of a conference and the breaks are often even more illuminating than the talks.

And of course, the organisers agreed to have my book on the stand which was great. The people there want to explore mystery. That’s why they are there. So my book is the perfect take-home message. Exploring Mystery – A beginners guide to occult esoterica, or UFOlogy 101.



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