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From the first chapter of Exploring Mystery


It has never made sense to me that civilisation evolved on Earth only six or seven thousand years ago, nor that we are alone in the universe, as our conventional education and the media would have us believe. The need for more credible answers about our origins, the spirit realm and life beyond our planet, has stimulated my interest in ‘the mysteries’.

The more I explored, the more information surfaced about aspects of our past that are not openly discussed, and in many cases, obsessively denied. This in itself is a mystery that has sparked my curiosity. New interpretations of ancient texts are offering a broader picture of our history and these suggest a pre-ancient history of extraterrestrial intervention on our planet.

I set out to find out as much as I could about what’s going on around me in my local, global and cosmic environments. I needed to find out the truth for myself. Of course, this is an ongoing process, but so far, my research has led me to some startling realisations:

1)  Our science does not acknowledge many existing discoveries that have been made evidencing civilisation on Earth millions of years ago.
2)  We are not alone in the Universe and it is well-known by many governments that different races of aliens are visiting Earth.
3)  Evidence suggests that humans are the subjects of both natural selection and genetic intervention (a mix of evolution and creation), going back much further than official history states.
4)  There is a hidden agenda of subtle control in our society often deceptively disguised as being to our benefit.
5)  The spirit realm and different dimensional planes of existence need to be further explored, not ignored.

My aim with this book is to provide a collation of bite-sized pieces of information on these vast subjects that will give busy people with little time for reading, a short cut to many vital and fascinating issues facing humanity at this time. In so doing I hope to encourage people to question the official angle on things – there is always seems to be more to the story than we are told.

See the Contents page for a list of the Mysteries and for another example of Petru’s stunning illustrations that head each chapter and all 50 Mysteries.

The Mysteries are grouped into four categories:

Mysteries of the Physical World

Mysteries Out of This World

Mysteries of the Spirit World

Mysteries of the Conceptual World