Mysteries of the Conceptual World

The last set of mysteries are, to many, merely concepts, in that there is either no proof, or they are so intangible that they are not experienced by most people. I too have no experience or proof of the veracity of these mysteries, but in studying a cross-section of what has been written about them, I have drawn some conclusions:

1. that there is far more to our history than we are being told
2. that there is far more to Earth’s geography than we are being told
3. that there are areas of anomalous energy on Earth where strange things can happen and people and craft have disappeared without a trace
4. that communication with beings in invisible places and realms is possible
5. that our consciousness and our intent determine our reality
6. that sustenance can be drawn from the elements all around us
7. that there is life after death, but nothing like the religious spin on Heaven and Hell


Atlantis  and  Lemuria

Why are there so many legends about the eras of Atlantis and Lemuria existing in our prehistory?  These legends speak of highly advanced civilisations living on two great continets that were destroyed by wars and or cataclysms, and sank beneath the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Many prophesies have also been made about Atlantis rising from the depths one day.  Are the large blocks of hewn stone raised from the ocean floor off the Bimini Atoll in the Bahamas in the western Atlantic Ocean evidence of the ancient cities of Atlantis? Massive underwater ruins have also been discovered off Japan. Why do our history books continue to insists that civilisation emerged on Earth for the first time only 6000 years ago? Why is there little willingness by academics to explore the possibility of civilisations existing on Earth prior to this?



The  Bermuda  Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is a patch of perilous seas in the western Atlantic Ocean where a disproportionate number of very mysterious disappearances have occurred. Aeroplanes have instantly vanished off radar screens whilst ascending and many ships and boats that have disappeared without a trace, even in shallow waters. What could the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle possibly be?




 The  Expanding  Earth

Evidence has been presented that suggests that the continental landmasses of Earth are not drifting around on a sea of molten magma, as we are told at school, but growing apart, as the Earth expands, as new rock is laid down along the mid-oceanic ridges. Mountain formation is thus said to be due to the buckling up of the crust during the flattening out of the landmasses, and not the result of continental plates subducting under each other?  When the evidence for continental drift theory and expanding earth theory are stacked against each other, it would seem that the Earth’s geography is yet another deception taught to us from a very young age. To speculate why this may be the case we must assume that there is advantage to their knowing and keeping us in the dark, perhaps to keep us in perpetual hopeless hopefulness while they rape the planet, knowing that one day the Earth will fall apart at the seams.





The  Inner  Earth

Many legends speak of Shamballa or Aghartha – a secret world within our world, with trees and oceans and lakes.  Shamans and channellers have referred to the hollow earth and the many races who live there both in deep caverns and tunnels in the earths crust as well as on the inner circumference. Obscured openings are said to be at the North and South Poles.  Several people including Admiral Byrd have relayed detailed accounts of their experiences there. Native American legends tell of their ancestors coming from the inner Earth. Even Edmund Halley proposed this scheme in order to explain anomalous compass readings. He envisaged the atmosphere inside as luminous (and possibly inhabited) and speculated that escaping gas caused the Aurora Borealis.  This goes against all we have learned about the molten core and sounds preposterous, but how do we know it’s not so? The deepest drill into the Earth has only been less than 20 kilometres and the Earth’s crust is estimated to be about 2000 kilometers thick. Some say that the Earth cannot have a magnetic field with a molten iron core. And, apparently scientists have now discovered massive bodies of water the size of oceans within the Earth’s crust. We know so little of the truth about our environment that it just could be that the Earth is expanding and hollow – the two theories do fit perfectly together. Perhaps to keep alive the ‘grand deception’ that keeps us from knowing about Extraterrestrials and Intraterrestrials, we must be kept from knowing that the Earth is hollow.



How is it possible that some people can hear voices that impart what seems to be higher wisdom?  Where do these voices come from? Are they from god, from angels, or from our higher selves?  How can we know? It is also said that aliens and even human mind-controllers have the ability to channel messages into our heads, making us think we are being spoken to by ascended masters or god.


According to many alien contactee reports, meetings with aliens are entirely telepathic. Is telepathy an ability humans used to have but have lost?
If we were able to read each others thoughts could we be that open and honest with each other? Is telepathy a feeling or a thought or both?  




Synchronicity is the subtle coming together of inner and outer events in a way that cannot be explained by direct cause and effect and which is meaningful to the observer or participator.  Do our minds attract these occurrences, bringing them together across the aether? Or is it perhaps a higher power, or our spirit guides or guardian angels who orchestrate things on our behalf?



We are told that breatharians obtain their nutrition through the active assimilation of prana or life force energy, as well as through particulate matter in the air. The mystery of breatharianism is why anyone would want to forgo the deliciousness of food, but there are people who have spent years without food and some even without water.  If we can believe the reports of breatharianism, this disproves the age old adage that man cannot live by bread alone – man can live by breath alone. .




Why do western and muslim religions so vehemently deny reincarnation and yet eastern ones have believed in reincarnation for millenia?  Are those who deny it, wanting us to go through the church for our salvation? Or are those who push it, using it as their kind of carrot to make people behave in fear of incurring bad karma?
There is another school of thought that claims that humans have been caught in a trap of continual death and rebirth. Another school tells us that the level of consciousness we have attained will determine our fate after death. There are some intriguing answers to these intriguing questions offered by researchers in the field.