Mysteries of the Physical World

Our history books tell us that civilisation started in Mesopotamia less than 6000 years ago, and yet there are astounding pieces of evidence, and examples of constructions on this planet, dating from long before that time.

Humanoid Evidence on Earth 100 MYA (million years ago)

Many fossils have been found that indicate the existence of sophisticated civilizations on Earth millions of years ago. If this is so, why does ‘official history’ insist that civilisation on Earth only began 6000 years ago? Humanoid and dinosaur tracks have been found in the same geological strata. Could these many out-of-place artefacts be hoaxes, or are they clues to the mystery of ancient races who have colonized Earth for many millions of years?


Cyclopean Walls

Huge megaliths were constructed into awe-inspiring monuments around the world thousands of years ago. What possible technology could the so-called primitive humans of our past have used that even modern technology cannot duplicate today? Could the builders of these walls have been a race of technologically advanced star visitors, or were there human civilisations prior to ours that had different technologies that could build cyclopean walls?.



Anomalous Civilisations

Impressive structures such as Machu Picchu in Peru, the Egyptian Pyramids, central American zigurats, strange stone circles in Southern Africa, pyramids in China, and ancient ruins in Turkey, are just some examples of apparently sophisticated civilisations, that do not fit with the straight-line-evolution model of conventional history. Could these monuments have been built by races from other planets, or were there previous human civilisations far more advanced than our own?



Many bones of giant humanoids have been uncovered around the world, and more mysteriously, they have been kept locked away in store rooms and out of public view. Why is there is such a giant cover up?  Do giants fit into the evolutionary history of hominids on Earth, or were they a separately created race that have become extinct, or gone underground, or retreated into the mountains of Tibet. Or, were giants visitors to Earth from another planet?

The Piri Reis Map

There exists an ancient map showing Antarctica without its icecap. Antarctica has been covered in ice for the last six thousand years, so, who were the sailors who mapped the southern seas, all those many millennia ago?  The Piri Reis Map is a well-known artefact showing irrefutable evidence of an ancient, sea-faring civilisation in human pre-history.



The Great Flood

The Great Flood of biblical legend tells us the story of Noah instructed by God to build an ark to save his family and animals. Ancient Sumerian texts, written 3000 years before the Bible, tell of the alien ‘god’ Enki instructing Atrahasis, his human hybrid son, to do exactly the same thing because of an imminent flood, to be caused by a particularly close passing of the planet Nibiru. Could the Great Flood be this story of the consequent impact on Earth? Perhaps this event dislodged the Antarctic icecap causing a massive tsunami that swept over the Earth about 12 000 years ago?



Costa Rican Stone Balls

Ancient, almost perfectly spherical granite balls of different sizes have been found in the jungles of Costa Rica. They  must have taken enormous skill and precision to manufacture but seem to have no useful function. If humans have only used stone hand tools in our past, where do these stone balls fit into the history of the evolution of human technology? Who thought it was worth the effort to create these astounding feats of engineering and what could they have possibly been used for?




The Dropa Stones

Stone discs with minute writing on them have apparently been found in caves in remote mountains between China and Tibet. These so-called Dropa Stones tell the story of a group of astronauts who crashed here and who could not repair their spacecraft. Marooned on Earth about 12 000 years ago, they interbred with the locals who are, to this day, a pygmy race called the Dropa people, of very different proportion to most humans. Could their ancestors indeed have been ancient astronauts from the stars as explained in the story inscribed on these ancient stone discs?


Easter Island Stone Heads

Megalithic stone statues, originally with top-hats on their heads, are positioned around Rapa Nui Island in an enigmatic display of imagination and carving. Was it a prehistoric human civilisation, or was it a race of star visitors who inspired the carving of these statues. The sacred wooden Kava kava carvings of small hunched beings are said to be a race who came to Rapa Nui with their teachings. Another mystery on an island full of mysteries is why on earth many of the full-torso statues are buried up to their necks? There is a blog post on the website with an update of this theory.


The Egyptian Pyramids

Laid out to align with certain stars, and precisely engineered with mysterious inner chambers and tunnels, these extraordinary monuments are clearly not pharaohs’ tombs. Who were the architects and what was their purpose, and why is there such a refusal by authorities to acknowledge the evidence of alternative researchers? Were the ‘gods’, depicted by ancient hieroglyphics, technologically advanced extraterrestrials, or were they powerful humans from a prior civilisation with supernatural abilites?


The Sphinx

Archaeologists have studied the weathering patterns on The Sphinx and have suggested that it is many thousands of years older than we are told by our history books. Why is there so much mystery and intrigue surrounding access to the chambers below the Sphinx, and in fact, many of Egypt’s antiquities? What are they trying to hide from the public?




The Monolith of Baalbeck

Being the largest building block in the world, also called The Stone of the South, this 1000 ton piece of carved granite is testament to an extraordinary quarrying and transport technology. The Grand Terrace of Baalbeck nearby, built with such blocks, begs the questions:  Why did the ancients need a platform with such stability that they went to the trouble of using such enormous blocks of stone, and how on Earth did they move them around?




The  Temple  of  Jerusalem

The Temple Mount, on which the Temple of Jerusalem stands,
is an enormous platform built with gargantuan blocks of perfectly hewn stone. Surely smaller blocks would have sufficed for a temple or even a fortification. Could the ancient Sumerian texts be right when they tell of the ‘gods’ needing a strong launching platform for their heavy rockets laden with gold mined on Earth?  Or is this yet another story planted into our history in order to confuse us?



The Missing Link

The elusive evolutionary link between caveman and human is still missing, and, it may never be found, because perhaps it never existed. How did modern man evolve so suddenly? Was there a genetic intervention to explain the sudden leap in human brain capacity, or are we perhaps a completely extraterrestrial race who usurped the habitat of hominids on Earth?