Mysteries of the Spirit World

This section touches on the existence of life in the invisible realms. I cannot even begin to claim an understanding of this vast subject, however, the point of including these mysteries is to highlight the existence of inhabited dimensions around us that are invisible to most humans, but do have a bearing on our existence in this realm. 

We all have an innate sense of the spirit world but because it cannot be seen, heard or touched, many still relegate stories of mythical creatures, ghosts, angels, gods and fairies, to fantasy, or religious fervour, or the imaginings of crazy people. On the contrary, this physical world in which we live seems to be but a fraction of the complexity of creation. We are reportedly surrounded by parallel realities that are teeming with non-physical, conscious life that can apparently interfere with things for the greater good, or to our detriment. The exploration of these dimensions is, therefore, an essential part of our journey in the evolution of our individual consciousness.

The  Spirit  Realm

The mysterious Spirit Realm ~  is it simply the place we go when we die, where ghosts and gods dwell, and where fairies and goblins hang out, just beyond our vision, or does it exist only in human imagination? Do we have to die to witness the spirit realm? How come some people seem to access this non-physical place and talk to beings in this realm?  Who are those who claim to be Ascended Masters? How can we know if they are truly evolved beings with our best interests at heart or if they are simply clever manipulators from other planets, luring us into accepting them as our saviours, or are they mind-controllers from Earth with the latest propaganda?

Paranormal  Phenomena

How can we explain the strange interaction of other dimensional beings or forces with our reality?  Is it simply our paradigm that makes it ‘beyond’ normal to communicate telepathically with aliens or with the dead?  Perhaps the concept of paranormal confuses us about where reality ends and illusion begins? Perhaps all so-called paranormal events are simply our minds tricking us into thinking they are?



There is much accurately documented evidence of direct communication with human spirits during séances. Séances are often held by a medium, in telepathic communication with a ‘chemist’, who facilitates the event, and draws the ectoplasm of the ‘sitters’ together, to provide the energy for spirits to manifest. This is mostly only the voice-box, but spirits are felt and partial manifestations are also witnessed. ‘Science’ cannot explain this communication across the veil so we are lead to believe that they do not exist, and the evidence is only in the minds of the experiencers.


Photographic  Orbs

Orbs have been more commonly appearing in digital photographs for the last ten years or so.  Once all camera faults, dust and water vapour have been ruled out, there are still some very strange light phenomena appearing in all sizes and remarkable textures, in more and more peoples’ photographs around the world. Could orbs be the imprint we see of beings in higher dimensions, manifested in the physical realm as balls of plasma?  Often they appear to be interactive. Are orbs proof of invisible inhabited worlds that surround us, or are they all tricks of light?




Where is this place called Heaven? Is it a state of mind? Is it another dimension? Is it full of dead people? Many people believe that Heaven is pure mythology. Others spend their lives trying to make sure they will have a place there. Is heaven the carrot given to people by the gods of old to keep them in line?
Perhaps there is no such place, no pearly gates, no eternal bliss but an eternity of growing and learning and evolving?
Perhaps we are here to create Heaven on Earth?


What exactly do we mean when we so glibly say “God”  ?
Are we calling on the true Source of all that is or the wrathful, punishing, jealous God portrayed in the bible?  Are they the same???   Are we calling on any one of thousands of “deities”  that are said to rule various aspects of our reality?   Are we ourselves expressions of God experimenting with life in a 3d realm? Is God the all pervading energy that pervades this Universe? Are there Gods of other Universes?
Are we using the word God as a convenient concept for all we do not understand? This is biggest mystery of all and used for centuries to control beliefs and manipulate behaviour.

Did we once have the ability to connect directly with the divinity in each one of us that is connected to this Energy?
If we could regain that, wouldn’t that obviate the need for all those inbetween in the God business?


The Ark of the Covenant

The most famous religious relic of all time must have had a profound use in its original form.  Many solutions for the function of the Ark of the Covenant have been proposed but the one that is the most convincing to me is  that of an inter-planetary communication device.
If the “God” of the bible was actually an Annunaki Lord, ie an Alien, he would have needed a radio to keep in touch with his people and this may have been it.

The  Bible

The Sumerian tablets which predate the bible by thousands of years seem to relay many of the stories found in the bible. And, it is claimed that the Sumerian tablets are an account of the Annunaki gods’ colonisation of Earth.  Certainly the stories that portray God as both all loving on the one hand but willing to smite anyone who annoys him and need blood sacrifices on the other, sounds more like an alien conqueror than the supreme Creator of all that is? And, as the Romans edited the Bible to suit the needs of their Empire, how much of it is deception and how much of it is the truth?

Certainly the bible is worth a read as there is much of historical interest, but is it really a book to guide the spiritual life of humanity? Have not bible-punching religions been responsible for much death and destruction on this planet? Is it not time for us to release ourselves from the controls of religions and get on with living our own lives?


These mysteries indicate that there is more going on in the spirit realm than we are led to believe, and that much of what is said to be spiritual could well be propaganda to control us.