Mysteries Out of this World

 If we can suspend our judgements and open our minds to the liklihood of  a highly populated galaxy, then many mysteries start to make much more sense. In order to be able to make the best decisions for our future on Earth, it is essential that we learn all we can about other humanoid races visiting us from other inhabited planets within our galaxy and their agenda.

UFOs / Spaceships

Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut, says in his book, The Way of the Explorer of 1996, “Yes, there have been ET visitations. There have been crashed craft. There have been material and bodies recovered. There has been a certain amount of reverse engineering that has allowed some of these craft, or some components, to be duplicated. And there is some group of people that may or may not be associated with government at this point, but certainly were at one time, that have this knowledge.”
Millions of UFO sightings have been made over the years and the lack of public acknowledgement about this is evidence for a grand conspiracy. This is the UFO Cover-up that has been in place for the last six decades at least, and we have to ask why.

Aliens / Star Visitors

Contact with extraterrestrials has been documented by too many credible witnesses for us to continue ignoring this phenomenon. Ancient texts speak about flesh-and-blood gods who came from the sky. African folk-lore tells of Sun Gods alighting from a landed craft. Government insiders say that contact with aliens has been established for decades now. And it is well-known in exopolitical circles that secret treaties have been made with the Greys.

The mystery is no longer whether aliens exist, but why encounters are officially denied, who is benefiting from the cover-up and who’s who in the cosmic zoo!

Nibiru / Planet X

The subject of much speculation and controversy, Nibiru / Planet X, said to be the home planet of the legendary Anunnaki, colonisers of Earth some 450 000 years ago, is said to pass around our solar system every 3600 years, sometimes causing havoc if it passes particularly close to Earth. According to the Sumerian texts, it is first visible in our skies from the south and interestingly, NASA is currently building a new observatory in Antarctica.



The  Sumerian  King  List

The ancients Sumerians, of around 4000 years ago, left an astonishing list, carved in stone, of the reigns of kings on Earth, spanning 241 000 years. Even more astonishing is that the earlier of these kings reigned for many thousands of years each. Were these Sumerian kings perhaps not human, but rather advanced star visitors to Earth who had achieved longevity?


The  Gods / Nefilim

Where do the legends of ancient Gods come from? Were they powerful humans, were they divine, or were they perhaps advanced star visitors with technology and powers that made them seem like gods? Once we accept that, given the extraordinarily long time the Universe has been in existence and the magnitude of space, the likelihood of advanced races visting our planet is extremely high.   Ancient Sumerian texts indicate that the Nefilim/Anunnaki from Nibiru and the gods of our legends are one and the same: flesh-and-blood, humanoid star visitors who ruled on Earth for hundreds of thousands of years.


The  Starchild  Skull

An oddly-shaped skull was found in strange circumstances in a disused mine in Mexico, leading researchers to believe that it did not belong to an ordinary human. Could the local legend of alien visitation and impregnation be true, and could this skull be that of an alien/human hybrid? Many strange-shaped skulls exist; even the Egyptian pharaoh Ahkenaten is said to have had a cone-shaped skull. As there is no explanation for the evolution of these oddly-shaped skulls, are they are evidence of aliens on Earth? .



Adam and Eve

The Bible tells us the God of all creation made Adam and Eve.
Sumerian texts take the biblical story into the realm of genetic engineering. They tell us that the gods (advanced space travellers and master geneticists from Nibiru)
made Adam in cross-breeding experiments with their own and caveman genes. Perhaps this is yet another story of deception and humans might have a completely different origin
than the evolution story, or the bible story, or the Sumerian story.


Did the man Jesus really exist or has the story of his life been fictionalized to suit various control agendas?  Why would Jesus want us to forgive our enemies, turn the other cheek, resist not evil, give to Ceasar what is Ceasars, demand that we “love the Lord with All our might”   Why he did die for OUR sins? What sins? Why do we need “redemption and salvation” ? Was his father in heaven perhaps the king of another planet rather than the Prime Creator  God?  There are apparently 360 similarities in the legends of Jesus and of Krishna, who lived 3000 years before Christ.
Is the story of Jesus perhaps a synthesis of various avatars of ancient history?


The Nasca Lines

The Nasca Lines are massive drawings in the Peruvian desert, some of them kilometres long. They were only discovered after aeroplanes were invented, leading to the belief that they were created to be viewed from the sky.
The sky-gods of legend were proficient space travellers and would have had no difficulty in creating these enormous artpieces in the Peruvian plains. Are they just primitive doodles in the desert by some out-of-body shaman in a trance, or are they clear indications of an advanced space-faring civilisation in ancient pre-history?


Crop Circles

Although some have been man-made, more than 90% of the more than 10 000 documented crop circles, are astonishingly precise, are said to be made in seconds, without peg holes or footprints, and often have associated anomalies. These are clearly impossible to have been made by humans with our technology. This mysterious artistry, mostly occurring in the fields of southern England, but also found in more than 50 other countries around the world, seems to indicate intelligent extraterrestrial contact or certainly an advanced technology that is not publicly known. The fact that the mainstream media continually ignores them and people have been paid to debunk them, is an even bigger mystery. Are crop circles are profound messages from our space brothers  with universal secrets encoded into sacred geometry?  Or are they expressions of secret technology made right here on Earth? An intereting development is the similarity in the anomalies around the fall of the twin towers at 911 and the anomalies found around crop circles. Has free energy technology been used for both?


Mermaids, the Dogon and Sirius C

The Dogon people of West Africa have a tradition of planetary knowledge that modern astronomy only verified after their oral history had been recorded by anthropologists. Their legend tells a fascinating story that was apparently passed to them by a race of fishlike-people who landed in a capsule that came down from the sky and imparted their knowledge of the heavens.



Life  on  Mars

Science says there is no conclusive evidence of life on Mars, either today, or in the past, yet a great deal of research is coming to the fore indicating that there has been life on Mars, and according to several reports, there still is. Many unexplained features appear in photographs of Mars including a very definite mountain shaped in the form of a humanoid face. Satellite images indicate buildings, forests and water bodies, as well as features that researchers call ‘glass tunnels’. To me these look like giant sandworm skeletons, and this theory is supported by the existence of otherwise anomalous raised dunes, blown-out trenches snaking their way across the landscape, and huge, round entrance holes. There are Mars researchers who are convinced that there is a secret space programme that has enabled peopled visits to Mars.


The Moon

An astonishing number of  strange phenomenon are surfacing on and of the Moon that indicate there is a lot more going on than we are told.  Scientists cannot explain how the Moon came to be in its position. The moon is far older than the earth, and since it perfectly obscures the sun when it passes directly in front, it does seem that it could have been positioned there by design, and not by an accident of nature, and that the Spaceship Moon Theory may have some merit.  And what of the strange features that can be seen on images of the Moon, including an enormous pyramid, anomalous trenches that run across the slope, vapour trails, light flashes, and areas of obvious smudging where it seems that structures have been etched out.   If  travel to the moon was accomplished over 40 years ago, why haven’t we been going back regularly with more sophisticated technologies? Maybe another race of beings owns ‘our’ Moon from where they have been watching us since the time of the Proselenes of Arcadia, the pre-moon people of central Greece.



The idea of reptilian beings has been documented by many experiencers, researchers, astral travellers and shamans. Signs of Reptilians are all over ancient architecture and folk-lore in the form of gargoyles, snake people, dragon beings and lizard beings. Many claim to have had encounters with shapeshifting Reptilians. Some say these are the beings that are secretly controlling our governments. There are too many accounts of reptile-like beings in just about every culture in the world to dismiss the possibility that there might exist an intelligent, bipedal, reptilian-looking race that have had or still do have a profound influence on the human race.



Why do so many people report being abducted by grey aliens? Is it in all in their heads?  Millions of heads all over the world?  Is this some kind of mind control experiment or are they real encounters?  A few relate life enhancing experiences, but most are terrifying, painful and invasive and can usually only be recalled with hypnotic regression in an attempt to heal an unexplained trauma. How can  memories of events be erased from peoples conscious memory? Why do governments completely diss these experiences and belittle the experiencers? Could it have something to do with the   ‘secret deals’  that have made with the Greys to harvest DNA from humans in return for alien technology?


Animal Mutilations

Since the 1960s there have been countless reports of cattle, feline, seal and other animals found mutilated, skinned or with their organs removed with surgical precision, with all the blood drained, yet there is no sign of spilled blood. There is also no sign of a struggle. Is this evidence of secret human technologies and experiments, or are humans and animals fair game for ET research?