• Book Review in Oddessey Magazine 1st quarter 2012
    If you love mysteries – everything from crop circles to the pyramids, the Bermuda triangle, UFO’s and the like, then you’ll love this book.  Pushing the envelope far out beyond any bounds known by conventional thinking, Tritton has simply dropped the consensus ‘reality’ take on what’s real and what’s not, as well as the why, how and when of our history as humans and gone where the evidence has taken him.
    For some it will be a wild and probably unbelievable ride. For others this book will likely confirm what they have already known or expected and will open other doors to information not yet investigated. Whatever you may think, the author comes to these conclusions: history is not as we are taught, nor is ‘reality’.
    But beyond these points the evidence indicates that above all else we need to take responsibility for ourselves and that if we are to have any future at all, we must immediately begin to live sustainably together, standing up for the personal, social and environmental justice.
    Entertaining and interesting. Buy a copy and give it to the most closed minded person you know – and then step back and watch what happens.
  • Got given your book “Exploring Mystery” over the weekend past and have just finished it. Moving up another level(s) in terms of the expansion of knowledge – kinda made me feel initially like a loss of innocence shaky ground kinda feeling…. and then that became a feeling of something more solid so to speak – as if the ground I was standing on was suddenly firmer… and that all mashed together into a brilliant read that really informs and gives additional resource guides and an excellent glossary. Its not only a once off read, it’s a book to keep exploring and a so I have found the perfect gift to give family and friends this Christmas. BIG THANK YOU!  Janine Vasilantonakis
  • “Rod’s book is a mind expanding read which shatters all preconceived dogma about past civilizations, and gets us questioning our origins, who we are and where were going with a new lens. The book flows nicely and has an optimistic energy. A proud owner of the first edition, I hope that this book is read and revered around the world.”   Barbra Cowley, Peace PRO and Co-ordinator of the HeArtSpace Community in Cape Town
  • “Exploring Mystery is a very good, fair and clear summing up of many intertwined areas, laid out in a very easy-to-access format. It would certainly be a very handy book for anyone coming anew to all these sometimes confusing threads of mystery, and I would definitely recommend it.”  Andy Thomas – Unexplained mysteries researcher and author of The Truth Agenda
  • “Phew what an astonishing compilation. I have been fascinated throughout. I have loved reading everything and have learned so much. What Exploring Mystery has done is to present these ideas in such a user-friendly, obvious and accessible way that I had to force myself to stop reading.” Jennifer Hirsh – Cheirologist and author of God Given Glyphs
  • “I have also spent a great deal of time and energy over the past 40 years or so delving into these same mysteries… and I could not agree more with what you have written. Framing your thoughts on Changing History, Taking Responsibility is brilliant.”   Boris Freesman QC – Creator of
  • “Exploring Mystery will mean different things to different groups but its coolest quality is its positive message which will awaken minds and contribute significantly to the collective global awakening. It has succeeded in attaining an appropriate formula for the delivery of the most difficult of all tasks. The writing is credible, honest, convincing, easy to read and well structured. The format is perfect for ‘new seekers’; it does not overload the mind, and the number and variety of mysteries so closely associated deliver a convincing argument.” Pedro Buccellato – Creator and webmaster of
  • “Your book is very interesting and saves one having to read lots of books” Pauline Weerts
  •  “Despite little sleep I opened the book yesterday evening and I could not put it down!  It is all that has ever interested me, very well put together. Thank you ” Pierre Folliot
  • “The great thing about this book is that it challenges accepted beliefs and asks many questions. Rod suggests various explanations and puts forward his own conclusions which you may or may not agree with, but you will at least wonder what it is you do think. What is evident is that human history goes back a lot further than we are told, that there are other inhabited dimensions around us and invisible to us, that there may be a lot more to the Earth than we imagine, that religions have completely distorted the concepts of God and Jesus and Heaven and the afterlife. Even though I come to some different conclusions, what his questions have evoked for me is a desire to really know – not just accept what I had been taught before – about ancient history, where we come from, who the God of the Bible was, the limitations of science, whether ancient aliens have visited this planet or whether more advanced human civilisations have lived here before… and so much more. The understanding I have gained on this journey of discovery is more than anything I ever learned in school or University.   This book is a great stimulant for the questioning mind.”  Angie Curtis


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5 Responses to Reviews

  • Jan Bailey says:

    Now things seem to open up to my vision and thoughts on the immediate and distant proximities and inexplainable, thinking patterns which have been forced upon people and which in some instances, real answers to logical questions that have been fearfully depressed, with so told, fearfull results. Who is the illuminati? Who rules.

    How can a country with all it’s people be hi jacked polically, by a few, and given to rule by untrained people. I have allways said that if a clever guy have the might to ruin a shop he puts a thief inside to help the thief and mostly himsel to the best goods inside the shop. Why? What? How? Whereto frokm here? Colour has no meaning in this fight or is there a fight for … power, resources, ????
    I will surely buy your book. I Read the introduction etc and find it very interesting!

    I allways try to think positive which I think makes me realise things that the everyday person in the rat race just ignore.



  • Exploring consciousness is my absolute passion…..What an awesome compilation and journey through the mystery of the universe and ourselves….(You-niverse) I have been a seeker forever and nothing gives me greater meaning than to question the nature of reality…..Humankind has been duped into a programmed – consensus reality from birth to rebirth…… This book is essential for everyone on the planet, our potential is limitless and therefore we need to challenge our belief systems ….. Thanks to the author Rod for his massive exploration into the realms of consciousness……..We need a revolution in perception!

  • Mike V Mihajlovic says:

    I found this book on the shelf @ esotheric shop in Rossbank Mall. Never heard of it before and wonder what or who was ti take me there to find it. It is a very interesting reading exploring many events that took place on this planet that we call home, and is it our home really ?
    Right now I am in the process of reading but I am realy imperssed with what I’ve read so far. For people alike who dare to explore mysteries I would suggest also “Entering the Circle”, Olga Kharitidi; “Extrarerrestrial Visitations”, Preston Dennet;” Diary of a Psychic”, Sonia Choquette; “…. and the truth shall set you free”, David Icke ……..
    My compliments to Rod.

  • John Foster says:

    I would appreciate your thoughts on the mold of the Paracus cone skull that is available for purchase at $399.00 on the www. web-site. I am very impressed with the mold shaped skull and the gentleman I talked to was very frank about the whole story, etc. etc. Had the price been far less than the asking price then I would buy it but I am afraid of being taken end by a copy of a deformation skull rather than the unique ones addressed with the two skull plates and the two tiny holes in the back of the skull should that be a fact or not. Appreciate your opinion on a purchase on this model. Thanks. John