New African hominid fossil find


Hi Rod

I’m busy reading your book and I saw this interesting news24 article.

A fossil discovery reveals there were creatures around three million years ago giving new insight into the evolution of a key human trait – walking on two legs.


Thanks Hano

And here is an excellent summary of the findings of the original article in Nature

What this fossil foot find does is put a homind, more adapted to living in trees, living at the same time in the same place (Ethiopia, 3MYA) as Lucy, a hominid more adapted to bipedalism. And this suggests that bipedalism evolved more than once and that science cannot draw a direct evolutionary line from humans back to the apes. ie. it’s complicated. Sahelanthropus chadensis walked upright and they lived 7 million years ago. This new find with an opposable big toe, showing it could more easily grasp branches, therefore branched off the hominid family tree, and might even be a seperate branch completely.

This of course does nothing to undermine the ancient astronaut theory of alien intervention in human evolution and even supports the idea that we are not directly descended by natural evolution from the apes. The concept of extraterrestrials breeding humans 250 000 years ago using their own and caveman genes, and then breeding an upgrade 100 000 years ago, adding more star visitor genes to our modern human genome, is QED imho and supported by the biological, fossil and Sumerian text records.

More research necessary. And not only in and on the gound, in libraries translating and interpreting the thousands and thousands of cylinder seals and clay tablets that have already been found. I look forward to more and more people demanding to see these artefacts and to publish them so we can all study them to find out more about our history.

Fascinating stuff, thanks Hano.