The Great Pyramid’s 12th Proposed Function

As readers of Exploring Mystery will remember, if they were paying attention, in the chapter on The Great Pyramid, I listed 11 proposed functions for the Great Pyramid that I had unearthed from the vaults of scientific research and the vagaries of man’s musings, namely:

1) A tomb for a pharaoh built around 2500 BC
2) A store-house of mathematical and esoteric knowledge
3) A thought amplification device for manifestation and creation
4) A learning and initiation temple
5) An astral travelling device for interdimensional travel
6) An interplanetary energy transmission device
7) An interplanetary and/or world-wide communication device
8) A calendar indicating the end of cycles
9) A musical instrument or sound amplifier
10) A power plant to generate electrical power
11) A landing beacon for incoming spaceships

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